Alexandra Chalif MS. MP.

Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Medical Hypnotherapy


Alexandra Chalif, MS. MP.

Alexandra Chalif has a Master of Science degree in Psychology as well as one in Learning Disabilities. In addition, she is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming where she trained under Richard Bandler and Robert Dilts.  Chalif is certified in Erksonian Hypnotherapy, a qualified Lay Analyst and certified in Medical Hypnosis.  

Trained in Improvisational Drama, Creative Drama and Psychodrama by Robert Alexander, William Duke and Jacob Moreno, she did extensive work with Harvard University for the Graduate School of Education using improvisational drama for groups of troubled children at the Middle School and High School levels. At this time she was Director of Research and Development for Simon & Schuster, Inc for a special project in the use of Improvisational Drama as a tool for change with groups and individuals.  She is trained as well in substance abuse and recovery and worked with the Westchester Council on Alcoholism. Presently Chalif, who has many continuing education credits at Harvard Medical School, is a member of the Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Association and continues her professional studies.

Ms. Chalif maintained a private practice in Scarsdale, NY until she moved to Connecticut. Both before and after the move, she worked in public education for twenty years as a counselor and program coordinator for teens and families with special needs in Westchester County.  She served on the Committee for the Handicapped and headed Project Team for the community of Pleasantville, NY.  This activity involved bringing three different segments of the community, the schools, police and community groups, to problem-solve community issues and implement action plans.  Chalif has given many workshops and talks for teens and adults on both coasts in group problem-solving and effective communication.

In 1991 Alexandra Chalif founded the AARW (Alliance of American and Russian Women Inc.) and served as its President through 2000. The AARW is a non-profit organization devoted to assisting Russian women, in Russia, to set up and grow small businesses.  It was Chalif’s focus that emotional stability could not be attained unless a woman was able to provide for herself.  In Russia the organization has had programs from Moscow and St. Petersburg and provinces as far as Siberia and Ukraine and helped over two thousand women.   Chalif gave workshops in various cities across Russia on empowerment and communication and lectured to psychology professionals on the use of cognitive therapy and hypnotherapy in short term therapy specifically directed at depression and anxiety.

Ms. Chalif served on the steering committee of the United States Small Business WNET (Women’s Network for Entrepreneurial Training) program as well as their Women Going International Task Force.  Chalif served as a panelist at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard at their first International Conference for women. . She was on the board of a Gourmet Food company and for many years served on the board of the Northwest Mental Health Association in Connecticut.

In addition she recently facilitated two chapters of the international Women Presidents Organization.  The WPO Inc is a nonprofit membership organization whose members are a diverse group of entrepreneurial women presidents.  She presently is on the Advisory Board of the Global Women’s Room an organization that helps prevent violence against women and empower them to become self sufficient.

As president of Chalif International, she also gives series of workshops for business groups and professional organizations on strategies for effecting change, successful communication and understanding and dealing with depression. With Dr. Bradley Bernstein she has written the book, Stress Free and together they have given workshops to therapists and doctors on effective relationships with patients and interactive cognitive therapies to produce change especially in the area of depression.  They initiated a series of workshops at the Brattleboro Retreat in Vermont working with psychiatrists, doctors and other mental health providers on the use of language, imagery and writing to create change and enhance the healing process.  In the last five years she has expanded her practice to work with patients before and after surgery to decrease anxiety and promote healing and recovery.

As one of a third generation of dancers, Chalif danced professionally and also taught dancing.  In addition she holds a black belt in Karate and a brown belt in Shaolin Boxing.  She has studied Yoga for many years.

Chalif has maintained a psychotherapy/hypnotherapy and coaching practice in Washington, CT for 24 years and also has an office in Rockefeller Center in Manhattan.


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